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Think Positive Surrogacy is a free support center, located in London, for intended parents. Born from the personal surrogacy experience of  Dr. Antonio Marsocci, father of twins girls,  we specialize in advising intended parents seeking for surrogacy solutions outside the UK. Antonio, for his own case,  has been directly in contact with the most suitable, professional, state of artclinics- offering various programs around the world.

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we advise high success rates TO every KIND OF intended parentS. 

Do not rob yourself of the joys of being a parent because of infertility. Opt for surrogacy and bring your bundle of joy.

Being single won’t preclude a surrogate from wishing to help you, but you being well supported is an important factor in her decision to work with you.

surrogacy for gay parents

Surrogacy is more and more available for LGBT individuals and couples but there are some complex considerations to navigate through.

surrogacy for hiv parents

HIV-positive men should have the opportunity to become fathers just as much as anyone else.

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