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about us

Think Positive Surrogacy is a free support center, located in London, for intended parents. Born from the personal surrogacy experience of  Dr. Antonio Marsocci, father of twins girls,  we specialize in advising intended parents seeking for surrogacy solutions outside the UK. Antonio, for his own case,  has been directly in contact with the most suitable, professional, state of art-clinics offering various programs around the world.

We’ve come together to advice you the most affordable and economic options on the market, with the highest success rate. Our goal is to generate a positive, reliable and life-changing experience for you on your journey towards parenthood.


The surrogacy options we know are flexible & tailored to suit your individual needs and provide a wide platform of professionals who will kindly guide & consult, answer every question & simply be there with you, as you embark upon this incredible and life-changing journey. 

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