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Surrogacy is more and more available for LGBTQIA individuals and couples but there are some complex considerations to navigate through.

If you are a same sex couple, there will be choices that you will need to make in order to create the family that will work for you. 

Father's Kiss

If you are thinking of building your family through surrogacy, there are things to think about including:

  • Who will be the biological father

  • How to choose an egg donor

  • How much information will your child need about an egg donor

  • What tests are available on your embryo

  • What do you need to consider in relation to your sperm

  • How to find a fertility clinic

  • Whether to look for a surrogate in the UK or abroad

  • Who to help you with your journey

  • What to budget for

  • How long it will take

  • What the legal implications are

Whatever your situation is consider surrogacy as an option and start building your family now ....

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